Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I smoked weed, cigarettes, drank hard liquor, fornicated, committed adultery, watched porn, masturbated, was worldly, and so many things I did were not pleasing to God. I remember when the Lord delivered me. I was home. For the past week I'd been saying when I'm done with this pack of cigarettes I won't buy anymore. However, I would. One Sunday, the good Lord came to me. The Holy Spirit said," the cigarettes you have and the blunt you have, flush it down the toilet." Of course, my flesh didn't want to do this. Then the Holy Spirit said, "You've been asking to be delivered. Yet you won't do what I tell you to. Do you know that I can strike you down and suck the life out of your body?". I immediately was filled with fear. I flushed the cigarettes and weed down the toilet. I sat there and looked at the toilet. I couldn't believe what I had just done. The Holy Spirit came back to me and said, "Remember Lot's wife." If you read the bible you know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. You know the story of Lot's wife. God had delivered her. She looked back at the city being destroyed and turned into a pillar of salt. See, her heart still desired the sin nature and God destroyed her. It has been four months since I have not smoked and drank. My entire life is now seeking God. I no longer listen to worldly music, worldly television programs. I praise the Lord. I go to church faithfully. I have an awesome church home. I pay my tithes. In addition to this, God has opened my spiritual eyes. I see how the programs watched on television are programming people's minds. I pray so I'm not preyed upon. I build my relationship with God daily. I ensure that I pray every morning, every night, read my bible, talk to God during the day and just give praise, honor, and worship to my creator.


I wonder why the world is the way it is. Why does ignorance and racism still exist? Recently, God delivered me. He set me free. He delivered me from a life of sin. Now, I only desire to seek and to know Him. I was reading an article online about the little girl Rue in the movie Hunger Games. Soooo many people were upset that this girl was black. Many horrible things were said. People were tweeting all types of racist comments. Their pictures were on the site and it hurt me deeply the things I read. I wish the world wasn't like this. However, I know that God is real. I know His angels are real. Therefore, I know satan and his demons are real as well.